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The Meaning of Life from A-Z

We can create it, we search for new forms of it, we can manipulate it and for some reasons we respect it. Why is it that we still can't define the term "Life".

A lot of people want to know what the word "life" means, while I wish to know what life "is" and the reason for its existence. That is "heavy food for thought", that leaves people wondering and pondering, while they struggle on or just give up.

A: To be active in society and be a part of it, is what makes the world go around.
B: The beginning of something is [only] the end of something else, while beauty is in the hands of the beholder.
C: Capitalism is the world of dog eat dog, where only the strong can survive.
D: no matter at what level of life one lives, dignity is felt by the individual and it is not to be given freely or taken lightly. One doesn't just ger earns it by makinbg right decisions in life.
E: Some live to eat, while others get by with simply eating to live.
F: The future is everyone's destiny, whether they like it or not, that will never change.
G: As in the Olympic Games, you don't win the silver lose the gold, but at least you tried to go for it.
H: Home is where the heart or hat is, and hell or hight water, heaven can wait.
I: Even an idiot would agree, have no tolerances for the intolerant, in any which way, shape or form.
J: Joy is just an eruptive outward sign of happiness, only to be juged by the spectators, leaving the individual internally happy.


20.4.08 11:03


Look at her

Look into her eyes, you'll see her tears

The pain she's been feeling, for so many years

You'll know how she feels, she's screaming inside

You'll see all the secrets, she's had to hide

Look at her heart, it's been broken in two

She can never go back, to the world she once knew

Its left in pieces, they lie on the floor

She knows life won't be, the same anymore

Look at her scars, she makes herself bleed

By cutting herself, she hopes to be free

She knows that after, it just makes it worse

She's trapped in herself, she can't stop this curse

When things get bad, she does it again

And hopes for a time, when her sadness will end

Look at her life, she didn't want this

Look at her sitting here, cutting her wrists

She missed so many years, she grew up too fast

She can't ever forget, she can't change the past

Look at her memories, none of them good

She can't wipe them away, she wishes she could

Look at her tears, as they flow down her face

Now she feels nothing, just stares into space

Her pain is taking over, there's nothing she can do

You can see her, but she can't see you
6.4.08 14:32

So setzt sie eine Maske auf
Hinter der sie sich verstecken kann
Damit der Hass ihr Herz nicht erreicht
Die Angst malt ein Bild
Das alle sehen sollen
Um die Wahrheit zu verbergen.

Versteckt hinter der Maske und den Mauern
Kann sie euch flüstern hören
Und sie ist froh, dass ihr ihre Tränen nicht seht
Verborgen bleiben ihre Gefühle
Niemand darf die wahre Seele sehen
Und so bleibt sie einsam
Mit dem Gedanken für immer allein zu sein.
Allein und missverstanden erreicht sie Ziele
Doch ihr Weg führt Berg ab
Die Gefühle werden zurück gelassen
Bevor sie ausbrechen und die Mauern nieder reißen.

26.3.08 20:26


J'ai demandé pourquoi et on m'a dit c'est la vie.

Tu t'en fiche de nous, papa.
Je sais bien que tu pars dans quelques semaines avec ta nouvelle amour.
J'ai peur, papa.
Tu sais bien que j'ai tellement besoin de toi, de ton amour...
Moi non plus je peux pas comprendre cela.
Mais tu es mon père et tu le restera pour toute ma vie!!
Cela ne veut pas dire que je te pardonne toute les choses que t'as fais!!!

Mama, t'es partie aussi mais je sais que tu rentreras quand tu vas mieux!
Dit-moi, pourquoi t'as essayé de terminer ta vie?
Maman, je t'aime, je t'aime trop!!!
Je te jure.
J'ai voulu m'exqusé des centaines de fois pour toute la merde que j'ai fais dont tu a souffert beaucoup.
Tu ne sais pas encore que pendant le temps que tu es dans la clinique papa a fait connaissance de Simone, son nouvelle amour avec laquelle il partira dans quelques semaines.

Une mère on en a qu'une et un père on en a qu'un...

21.3.08 10:39

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